1Ice Breaker For Digital Marketing

  • What is marketing?
  • What is Digital Marketing?
  • What is Advanced Digital Marketing?
  • Understanding the Marketing Process
  • Why does Digital Marketing win Over Customary Marketing?
  • Understanding Digital Marketing Process

3Website Designing With No Code

To code or not to code has remained the internet buzz for a long time. So far we have noticed huge support for both the sides. If you are starting your own website, portfolio, personal blog or anything else, make sure to think of Web Designing with No Codes. It is obvious that web designing with codes is very expensive and requires hiring experts who charge high for their service. We at Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing well understand the complexity of the coding process and high expense associated with it. Considering this, we have come up with a dedicated Web Designing with No Codes course where students, job seekers, an individual, business person and entrepreneurs, professionals can learn various tactics and ways to develop and design a website without possessing any knowledge of the coding....Read More

5Email Marketing

Email Marketing has now emerged as the most effective marketing tool to reach a number of targeted audiences at the lowest cost. This is the most feasible advertising technique that makes use of the Social Media to reach the internet users in bulk. It is also the best way to gain the customers trust and is now widely used as the method of marketing that is producing high response rate. This is the reason for the introduction of email marketing course from Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing. After successful completion of this course, the trainees will be able to understand all the techniques effectively....Read More

7Lead Generation For Business

Increasing the sales is the ultimate aim of all the marketing platforms. However, it is never an easy to identify the crucial requirement of the customers. For this, we at Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing have come up with a lead generation course. This course is designed to let the experts know how to generate content that meets the demand of the digital traffic and generates sales. This is the strategy that modern marketing agencies and companies wish to follow in their marketing strategy. With this, the demand for professionals in this industry is high. Professionals and business owners also find this course suitable to learn tactics to generate leads for the business....Read More


Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing is the best modern advertising strategy that is used to target the prospective audience over the social media to increase the sale. In this method, advertiser advertises on different websites and pay for the each click made by the audience. This has raised the demand for PPC Training Course. We understand that this is very effective marketing technique and is widely providing career option and business growth to job seekers and business owners.PPC training provided by us concentrates on using the search engine for generating clicks for the websites....Read More

11Google Analytics

Google Analytics is all about collecting and analysing the overall performance of the website. This starts from the study of the web traffic, content and behaviour of the targeted customers. With the high demand of Google Analytics experts in the market, we at Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing have come up with the personalised Google analytics course for interest candidates. The main purpose of the course is to help trainees to analyse and develop best analytical skills....Read More

13Social Media Marketing

With the growing markets for the social Medias across the world, the demand for social media marketing services has increased among the companies who deal in any of the service and product. This has opened career option for the job seekers and a chance of improvement for the professionals who are already in the marketing industry. Considering this, we have come up with some balanced Social media marketing courses. The courses will teach the best practices to use Social Media channels effectively for marketing purposes. Trainees will learn the best ways to design a good social media strategy....Read More

15Search Engine Optimization

We have noticed a growing demand among organizations to go digital as the world is moving towards digital era. With this, the requirement for working professionals has increased in the field of digital marketing. Understanding this opportunity to help job seekers and business professionals we come up as the popular SEO Training Institute in Delhi.Our SEO course in Delhi will help entrepreneurs and job seekers to leverage the internet to market their products and boost the e-commerce business. In simple words, SEO ensures of the high visibility of the website in a search engine....Read More


Google AdSense is a program run by Google that allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements, that are targeted to site content and audience. These advertisements are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google. They can generate revenue on either a per-click or per-impression basis.AdSense has become one of the popular programs that specialize in creating and placing banner advertisements on a website or blog because the advertisements are less intrusive and the content of the advertisements is often relevant to the website

Now we are introducing 17 latest modules of digital marketing to give you comprehensive focus towards the latest changing trends of digital marketing..

2Ecommerce Markeitng

In today’s competitive world, a promising digital media marketing strategy is must for an organisation to get success across the globe. For this, learning about the various e-commerce marketing methods is highly required. We at Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing have come up with the best e-commerce marketing course for such candidates. This course is well designed to provide complete knowledge on understanding the functions via deep knowledge of the marketing tactics, technology and mediums. This course also provides expert guidance to expand business and learn the required skill for e-commerce marketing for a successful career. In this e-commerce marketing course, candidates will understand the technical and managerial dimensions of E-commerce....Read More

4Mobile Marketing

With the increasing demand of digital marketing, it is required to provide digital contents for the Smartphone users. For this, one has to learn about the Mobile Marketing tactics, technology and developing high-quality contents by completing the Mobile Marketing Course that we provide. If you are thinking to get into an ever growing world of Mobile Marketing, then you need to look for advertising on this digital medium for your business growth. We at Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing have come up with the balanced Mobile Marketing Course that is designed by the market experts in this industry....Read More

6Content Marketing

Content marketing skill and technology have now emerged as the essential to stay ahead in the content marketing game. In our content marketing course, we cover areas like content planning, content marketing and strategy planning. Trainees also get complete knowledge on the various roles that contents play in the digital, business strategies and marketing. The courses designed by our experts ensure to develop skills and understanding among the trainees to optimize the content of the website into the limelight of the internet. Our content marketing course provides experts to the market who can easily help companies to deliver exact contents as per the company’s requirement....Read More

8Online Reputation Managment

Are you serious about learning the basic and complex skills of reputation management for your company? If yes, then this is the right time to learn it from the professionals where you get well-balanced workshops with high-quality learning material. We provide first-hand practical knowledge on online reputation management in the sessions. The main intention of our trainers is to aware candidates about the tactics and process to build a strong reputation of your brand through online. This will finally scale up your revenue and you will enjoy product success beyond the competition....Read More

10Creating Marketing Strategy

Today’s world is entirely different than the one that was started in ancient time. It is the requirement of the time to prepare for future and not for the present. This applies in every aspect of life along with the marketing. With the growing competition and introduction of social Medias, different advertisement methods and approaches, demand of creating marketing strategy is high to remain in the competition. With this, the demand of creating marketing strategy courses has increased in recent years....Read More

12 Affiliate Marketing

Undoubtedly, affiliate marketing has emerged as the most effective way of digital marketing for modern time. Through this medium, blogs and website will have the opportunity to promote products and services on various websites over the internet. Affiliate marketing is the complex functioning that helps in the propagation of business. Using this method, professionals will be able to advertise their products and services on different business websites. On the other hand, such websites get paid when customer click on the ads. Due to this, the demand of affiliate marketing course has increased in the market....Read More


Adsense and Blogging have emerged as the best services on Google. In this, website publisher gets money by displaying the client’s ads on their website. This is one of the reliable sources of earning money from the comfort of home with your website and blog. This provides 24*7 hours earning and can work as per the desired working time. Understanding the demand of training for this course, we at Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing have introduced Blogging and Adsense course. All that is required is to acquire required skill and quality in work to enjoy high earning....Read More

16Freelancing Project

Freelancing has emerged as the most demanding industry where people are getting attracted for an extra earning. This provides the comfort of the work place and is a perfect way to work for your passion apart from the professional jobs. For this, it is necessary that experts support, guidance and training is achieved. We at Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing have come up with such freelancing project course for such candidates. The main intention of this course is to make sure of the overall development of the individual’s skill in freelancing according to the particular industry....Read More

18) Inbound Marketing

Attracting your potential customers into conversion funnel

Lifecycle Emails

Using Emails

Landing Pages

Conversion Optimization

Conversion Optimization patterns for engaging website visitors

20) Google Webmaster Tools


Search Appearance

Search Traffic

Google Index


22) Search Engine Algorithm


Understanding Search Engine Algorithm

How do Search Engine Algorithm work

Penalties and Recoveries of Search Engine

Panda & Penguin Algorithm

Recovery of your site from panda,penguin and emd

24) Local Business Listing

Creating local listing in search engine

Google place setup

Placing website on first page of Google Search

Learn to make free Online Business Profile Page

How to make monthly basis search engine visibility reports

Verification on Listing[

26) Competitor Analysis

What will i learn


Why take this course

28) Video Marketing Fundamental

What is video marketing

Importance of video marketing

Types of online videos

Creative explainer Videos-Live

30) Media Buying & Planning

Setting up the objectives

Undertsand the key tasks to draft

Segmentation & targeting the audience

Best practice to execute the campaigns post the media plans

Understanding of multiple format for our targeted digital platforms

32) Optimization Conversion Rate

What is OCR

Importance of OCR

A/B & Multi varient testing analytics

Heat Map Analysis

34) Online Display Advertising

What is Web promotion

Sorts of Online Advertising

Display Advertising

Relevant/Contextual Publicizing

Payment Modules & multiple platform for display advertising

ROI of online adv. & making banner Ads using tools

19) Live Practical Sessions

Learn how to generate more leads to find new customers

How to create a high converting landing page

How to write follow-up Email

Buying Email solo ads

Generating Lead through facebook

How to write profit pulling emails

21) Case Study Discussions

"We provide you to have a go at the recent case studies of digital marketing and learn as the trend teaches."

23) Digital Marketing Interview Prepration

Gives yourself the ultimate advantage in a competitive job by market by strategically designing your resume

Infographic resume special session for job seeker

Your outstanding infographic resume toolkit

Learn basics of infograph

Learn to hold attention with bespoke text and design

Knowledge about open source design software

25) Freelancing Pushups

Start a 6-figure freelance business

Earn online with zero investment

Perfect strategy to find the project

Convince the client

Win contest with special techniques

Make high quality profile

27) Black Hat Techniques

Know one of the most used strategy of Black Hat SEO

Create your first project with Tiered Link Building

Automate the creation of TLB with Rnaker X

Create hundreds of "original" articals in an automated way with SCM

Use crawlers

29) Search Engine & Social Marketing Parameters

On-site Parameters

Site Parameters

Off-site Parameters

Domain Parameters

31) Remarketing Parameters

What is Remarketing campaign?

How do remarketing ads work?

What is remarketing and retargeting

How do i remarket on Facebook

How much does Google Remarketing cost per click

33) Digital Marketing Strategy

Each business is different and requires a tailored digital marketing strategy in order to achieve the goals.There is no one sizefits all approach in internet marketing strategy.Here students learn about crafting custom internet marketing strategies according to each clients's specific goals.You learn about analysing a customer,their products,services area of operation,target customersand potential competitora in order yo devise a strategy that deliver results.One alse learn about creating modular packages that are affordable and implented over time to suite a customer's budgets and long term goals.

1) Basic Digital Marketing

2) Understanding the process

3) Evaluating performance

4) Digital Media vs Traditional Media

5) Benefits Of Digital Marketing

6) Latest Digital Marketing Trends

7) Content Marketing


1. What​ ​kind​ ​of​ ​practical​ ​experience​ ​will​ ​I​ ​get​ ​in​ ​this​ ​course?

In this training program, you will get 200+ hours of hands-on assignments to master various aspects of Digital Marketing. These opportunities include running live Advertising (e.g. Google, Facebook) campaigns, performing live SEO audit, creating Social Media Strategy, practicing various Digital Marketing tools and exercises based on real life Digital Marketing case studies. You may also get an opportunity to do Digital Marketing internship with any of our corporate clients based on your availability and their requirement.

2. I don't have a website or a blog. How will I learn hands-on in this program?

No problem. You are not alone. We will begin your program with you creating your own blog so that you can apply the learning’s of this internet marketing course practically.

3. What will happen if I miss any live session?

We understand that. We will provide you the recording of every session. Even after your course is completed, you will continue to get recordings of future sessions for you to review and stay abreast of latest happenings in the digital marketing industry

4. Do you offer Placement Assistance?

Having conducted over 1200+ digital marketing training programs for participants from 10,000+ brands across the globe, we are regularly approached by agencies and brands for their hiring needs. We also approach brands and agencies based on the requirements of our participants. Moreover, the skills (e.g. how to leverage LinkedIn) you acquire in this program, will help you in fulfilling your professional objectives including getting an internship, part-time/freelancing or full time job opportunities.

5. What's the salary range for professionals in Digital Marketing?

At an entry level, a student or a fresher who may not be even a graduate starts his/her career as a Digital Marketing Executive and earns between Rs 1.5 - 4 Lacs salary per annum in India. At a Digital Marketing Head position, salary rises to as high as Rs 30 Lacs. Here’s the salary range based on profiles and years of experience: For professionals with exceptional educational qualification (e.g. from IITs/IIMs), with highly relevant work experience and with mastery of digital marketing, high growth start-ups, large corporations & platform companies such as Flipkart, Amazon, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn offer as high as Rs. 1 crore salary as well.

6. Can I offer Digital Marketing services as a freelancer after doing this digital marketing course?

Yes, you can choose to be a freelancer and offer digital marketing services to clients. In order to become a freelancer, you will surely need to learn digital marketing even more seriously than your fellow participants as you'll have a lot of responsibility on your shoulder when you do it for someone else. As you would have read earlier, we have a special module on 'Selling digital marketing services' for the same purpose. We have a number of our digital marketing certification alumni, who are successfully offering services to their clients. Some of them have even started their own agencies and are doing really well.

7. Can I earn money as an Affiliate Marketer after doing this course?

In addition to full time, part-time, paid internship or freelancing opportunities, you can earn money in digital marketing by becoming an affiliate marketer. As an affiliate marketer, you promote others products/services or advertise through your own blog or a website. Unlike few other Digital Marketing training institutes, we don't want to mislead you by showing a dream, which can't be fulfilled. Earning a lot of money as an affiliate marketer is possible but requires significant amount of time, patience, skill and even luck. If it were so easy then we would have hired people and trained them to do that for us.

8. I am not an Engineer and don't know Programming. Will I be able to do this Digital Marketing course?

You don't need to know technology at all or come from engineering/technical background or be an MBA to be successful in digital media. The maximum you need to know is HTML, which takes around 2 hours to learn and we will take care of that in the CDMM program.

9. I am a Marketing Professional with 5+ years of experience. Should I learn Digital Marketing?

Frankly speaking, you don’t have a choice but to learn digital marketing if you want to stay in a marketing role. With growing contribution of digital marketing, marketing is becoming integrated and every marketing professional (including PR/Media/Content) is expected to know it.

10. Should I learn everything in Digital Marketing or specific areas such as SEO or SEM or Social Media Marketing?

Yes, you should master various aspects of digital marketing vs acquiring skills in specific areas. There are a number of reasons: a. These skills are interconnected. For e.g., if you don’t know Social Media Marketing, you will not be able to produce best possible results through SEO b. If you want to rise up to Digital Marketing Head role, you will be expected to have experience in various areas of Digital Marketing. c. Given the dynamic nature (i.e. there’s continuous variation in demand for various skills), you run a risk of career stagnation if you don’t learn various digital marketing areas early in your career.

11. I am a non-Marketing professional with up to 2-3 years of experience. Can I build a career in Digital Marketing?

Yes, it’s possible to switch your profile to digital marketing if you don’t have too many years of experience. Even if it means taking a cut in your 1st salary in digital marketing, you should be up for it considering the long term career growth both in terms of monetary and work profile.

12. I am a non-Marketing professional with 5+ years of experience. Why should I learn Digital Marketing?

If you are a non-Marketing professional (e.g. Finance, Operations) with significant experience, you should not look at positioning yourself as a digital marketing professional as you would be considered a fresher in digital marketing industry. Instead, you should look at following benefits of learning digital marketing: a. Build personal brand using digital marketing b. Make money through freelancing or by becoming an affiliate marketer c. Realize your entrepreneurial dream if you aspire to be an entrepreneur d. Also, explore the possibility of playing a role in marketing function of your organization to expand your profile.

13. I am a Web Developer/Designer with 5+ years of experience. Why should I learn Digital Marketing?

As a Web Developer/Designer, your contribution towards your organization will significantly grow if you know digital marketing. The knowledge of digital marketing is already expected from Web Designer/Developer in many organizations. Acquire these critical skills before it’s too late. The other benefits as listed above include building personal brand, making money and realizing entrepreneurial dream.

14. I am an HR Professional with 5+ years of experience. Why should I learn Digital Marketing?

Organizations are already using digital media for fulfilling HR objectives such as recruitment, employer branding & employee engagement. If you are an HR professional and want to stay ahead of your peers, go learn digital marketing before it’s too late. The other benefits as listed above include building personal brand, making money and realizing entrepreneurial dream.

15. I am an IT Professional with 5+ years of experience. Why should I learn Digital Marketing?

A significant % of IT projects today are about Digital Transformation or involve digital media. As an IT professional, your knowledge of digital media will be valuable for your organization and can help you differential among your peers to stay ahead of technology trends. The other benefits as listed above include building personal brand, making money and realizing entrepreneurial dream.

16. I am a Student in 2nd year of my graduation. Should I learn Digital Marketing now?

If you are looking at building a successful career in Digital Marketing, the earlier you acquire digital marketing skills, the better it will be for you. As a student, you are anyways spending significant amount of time on Digital Media. How about making this time directly contributing to your career growth. We are sharing this based on our experience with even IIM graduates, for whom we’d organized a digital marketing program. Those who were part of it got many more interview opportunities than their peers who missed attending that digital marketing program.

17. I don't know anything about Digital Marketing. Will I be able to successfully complete this digital marketing course?

Yes, we don't assume that you have any prior knowledge of digital marketing. Through various modes & stages of the training program, we ensure that our participants with varying degree of knowledge about digital marketing successfully master all aspects of digital marketing to fulfill their desired objectives

18. Why should I join your DIDM for Digital Marketing Training in Delhi?

There are lots of answers to this question. We have more than 8 years of hands-on experience in Digital Marketing Training in Delhi and development in the region of Delhi-NCR. All our trainers are fully qualified and are certified in online marketing having certification in the following mentioned domains which are Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Facebook Blueprint, Bing, Hubspot and Sales Force.We have trained more than 2000 students in this industry and made a name in Digital Marketing Course in Delhi field. There are lots of more reason to join best Digital Marketing Course in Delhi from DIDM. We look every student in our internet marketing training program to get the best output from students.Alternatively, we provide our students with one to one counselling during their training,advising them on their progress during their curriculum for better understanding and confidence building. Our aim is to make students work on the practical aspect and learn the theory for qualification purpose also.

19. Will I get job after doing internet marketing course from DIDM?

Yes, you can get a job surely after joining our Digital Marketing Training in Delhi. We are currently located in Saket for the region of Delhi-NCR. Also, to note that we have 100% student’s placement record of digital marketing course in Delhi. Online marketing in various corporate organizations only upon full completion of Digital Marketing Course in Delhi. We are taking guarantee to train you very well in this market and make you capable to do anything in practical freelance work also. The industry currently demands employees who can work for them and get best results for their business. During Digital Marketing Course in Delhi curriculum, we regularly test and evaluate your learning curve and ensure quality training for the same.

20. What will be my profile after completion of Internet marketing?

A complete Digital Marketing Executive will be qualified in the following mentioned domains mention in this answer. You have various options for work and you can start your career after Digital Marketing Course in Delhi completion as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Executive, Online Campaign Marketing Executive, PPC (Pay Per Click) Executive, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Manager, SMO (Search Marketing Optimisation) Executive, Content Writer, etc. We want you to work on high profile for your better career

21. Why are your institute known as best digital marketing institute?

There are so many reasons to be a best in this Digital Marketing Course in Delhi. We are working on each student to give them best digital marketing training. And only because of students and trainer, we become a best Digital Marketing Training in Delhi institute in Delhi ncr. Most of digital marketing institute in Delhi are working for fees but we want to teach well our students because for us fees are secondary part, first is students.

22. What is the best way to get updated in digital marketing field?

There are many websites which releases digital marketing news and trending tools time to time. You can follow those blogs to get updated according to time. We provide weekly Newsletter in our Digital Marketing Course in Delhi. There are some blogs are Searchenginejournal, Search Engine land, Moz, Ahrefs, etc. You can follow these blogs in Facebook, twitter, Instagram and subscribe in YouTube. So that, every time when they post anything related to digital marketing field, you will get updated which help you to get best result in Digital Marketing Course in Delhi with DIDM.

23. Can I complete my Digital Marketing Course in 3 months?

Absolutely! Yes, you can but I all depends on your grasping power and learning potential. Internet Marketing Course in Delhi is very vast and detailed course which takes extra time and effort investment. That’s why we need full dedication and support from your side to give you best training. We give task on daily basis and want students to finish them in time. We also provide you with ample opportunities to practice and execute all digital marketing modules till the time you are ready to go to the corporate world.

24. I don't have website or blog. can I complete my Internet marketing course?

Yes, you can. When you enrol @DIDM in Satya Niketan for your Digital Marketing Course in Delhi, we will be providing you training of how to create your own blog and website. This part will be essential in the process of learning and executing digital marketing concepts. We help them to customize your blog and teach how to handle blog and posts on routine. We want you to be updated with the current trend and if you don’t walk with trend in Digital Marketing Course, you will probably lose market.

25. What kind of practical experience I will get in this training?

We don’t believe in teaching you only theory after all it is the practical knowledge that is required for you to get a job in the corporate or develop and grow your own business. @DIDM, you learn all thing in practical manner and for you, we have designed all our modules in the way in which you provide you complete practical experience. After completing your blog or website, you will do SEO on your website, you will increase social media profiles for your brand, you will create campaign for your website, you will run email marketing, and you will use your website for email marketing and affiliate marketing.

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